Music at Good Shepherd

Evensong Oct 30 2022

Worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness...

Upon first entering the nave of Good Shepherd, one is struck by the beauty of the space itself - its soaring wooden roof, with intricately carved woodwork; the fascinating, almost whimsical tiled floors filled with griffins, castles, fleur-de-lis, sea turtles and swans; the expertly-wrought stained glass filled with a seemingly electric energy. All of these diverse parts serve to uplift the worshipper and to inspire them to a closer relationship with the divine.


At Good Shepherd, our music is similarly planned and executed. Anthems and hymns inherited from our incredible Anglican heritage are thoughtfully planned and sung, while liturgy and ceremony enhance the drama and beauty of our Divine Worship. Indeed, music at Good Shepherd takes on a sacramental quality. Our sacrifice of time in preparing our music, our investment of thought and energy, are all meant to reflect the divine beauty of which we so long to be a part.




  • Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd
  • 1100 Stockton Street
  • Jacksonville, FL 32204
  • United States
  • Phone: (904) 387-5691